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Michael Sweater Rachel Dukes and Mister Hayden talk about makin' hot comics, making some money, and eating chinese food.
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Oct 24, 2016

Michael Sweater:
Mister Hayden:
Rachel Dukes:

Avi / Silver Sprocket:

"The Enigma of Amigara Fault" by Junji Ito -

"Hole Sweet Hole" by Mister Hayden -

The Nib -

Eleri Mai Harris -

Annie Mok -

Box Brown -

Michael DeForge -


Oct 24, 2015

Episode 7: "Editing All-Ages Comics with Whitney Leopard"

Mike King:
Rachel Dukes:
Whitney Leopard: &

In this episode the gang talks with indie-comics editor Whitney Leopard about her path to becoming an editor, her recent work with Boom! Studios, and gossips about shipping cartoon characters past and present.

May 5, 2015

Episode 6: "The Blackest Terror to Bravest Warriors: Comics Talk with Eric M. Esquivel"

Mike King:
Rachel Dukes:
Eric M. Esquivel:

In this episode the gang talks with comics writer Eric M. Esquivel about his work on The Blackest Terror, Thor Unkillable Thunder Christ, Loki: Ragnarok And Roll, and Bravest Warriors.

Mar 11, 2015

The gang discusses failure. Mike failed to write more than a sentance here. <3

Jan 12, 2015

In the first episode of The Ink Pit we answer some emails, talk about Rachel's experiences working on Garfield, discuss printing a first book, and try to stay on topic. Pretty much nailed it.


Things mentioned in the episode!

Mike King -
Dave Mercier -
Rachel Dukes -

Beyond Anthology -

Bryan Lee O’Malley's “Seconds” - 

Mike King’s “Lion’s Teeth” -

Liz Prince’s “Alone Forever: The Singles Collection” by Top Shelf -

Rachel Dukes’ “Intentionally Left Blank” -

The Center for Cartoon Studies -

Young American Comics -

C Spike Trotman’s “This is Everything I Know”-

Maple Key Comics -

Javier Rivera -